Thu 2020-11-05  7:28pm   Hello,    First, I am tremendously happy with my orthotics purchased in 2012!  I keep a log of marathons and have recorded 19 full marathons since I purchased the orthotics.  I used a locally manufactured orthotic for some of the previous 33 marathons and they were not as good as yours.    I need new orthotics.  I actually wore one set out to the point where I could not use them.  Can you tell me how I could purchase replacements or updates?    Regards,    Rob Averett,
From: Brittany Reynolds Date: 29-March-18 8:35pm Hello! I was trying to find a way to write my own testimonial on your website page, but couldn’t quite figure it out. However, I wanted to express my gratitude towards your absolutely fantastic product. I purchased orthotics from The Orthotic Works company just about 2 years ago at the Erie County Fair in Buffalo NY. I was 24 years old with absolutely crippling plantar fasciitis in both of my feet. It was so bad I could hardly walk at all and was beginning to see doctors to consider surgery as I had tried every kind of store bought orthotics known to mankind. Nothing that I tried worked for me and the pain was debilitating. When I found this company, I have to admit I was skeptical especially due to the pricing. I was very concerned that I would invest in this product only to have it not work like the rest of the products I had tried. I could not have been more wrong and gratefully so! It’s been just about 2 years now and the pain is GONE! It is an unbelievable relief! I wear my orthotics every single day and when I come home from work, I have a second pair that I use in my slippers. It is without a doubt one of the best investments I have ever made and I cannot thank this company enough! I have passed out your website to many a coworker complaining of the same issues I had. I couldn’t be happier! Thank you for all that you do. Sincerely, Brittany Reynolds,
From: Square Subject: A customer left you feedback Date: 23-February-18 8:15pm Outstanding Service!!,
From: Square Subject: A customer left you feedback Date: 15-February-18 8:38pm Excellent assessment and very thorough explanation of my needs,
It is the best decision I have ever made and I would recommend to everyone to see if it is what you need!  Tim Smith - East Garafraxa, ON,
From: Sue Furry Sent: October 23, 2018 8:14 PM To: askmike@theorthoticworks.com Subject: Thank you Michael...These are perfect! Hello Michael, You and your team created the perfect orthotic for me and I wanted to say a big THANK YOU! You were kind enough to re make these for me 2 times after my original purchase at the Minnesota State Fair in 2017. I couldn’t be happier. I appreciated your willingness to remake these with the hopes of finding the perfect combination to help my plantar fasciitis. I will likely suffer from this most of my life, but at the moment my feet are feeling great. Please send my appreciation to your team. I will gladly be a testimonial for your organization anytime. Warm Regards, Sue Furry,
From: Noppe, Dolores Date: 9-October-17 11:42am I purchased a unit from you last Wednesday, just a note to say how much I love it. The first few times my right leg and one toe did not like it, (pain) so I lowered the intensity and kept on using it, twice a day,now after 3 more days things are fine no more pain from that leg, I have even went up in intensity, guess that leg was weaker than the other, it is the side of my hip replacement, just wanted you to know, I think it’s important to let company know just not when you complain, again thanks, I’m sure I will enjoy this for a long time. Sincerely Dolores Noppe,
From: Anderson, J.  Date: 11-Jul-17 8:30 AM Good Morning Michael From the good old Midwest  greeting to you. Michael, I  am always touting my orthotic works  orthotics… this a.m. my manager happened to mention her husband is having issues and tried different places with no success. Is your company going to be anywhere close to Madison  in the  near future.   I am anxious for them to have the great outcome I am enjoying.  Can’t wait to hear from you and hope your summer is going well.  Thank you  Thank goodness I’ve saved one of your emails  J. Anderson,
From: Scott, Steve Date: 4-May-17 9:07 AM Good Morning,        The orthotics that I have now are from your organization, purchased about ten years ago, and I think should finally be replaced.        I’m 68 and last February began walking almost daily, working up to my present 5 to 10 km per day.  In the last month I’ve noticed a bit of burning in my left metatarsal.  So I bought new New Balance 857 shoes.  Had relief for about a week only.        Foot problems have plagued me since I was twenty-one and I’ve had orthotics from nine different makers with varying and limited success.        When I got my first pair of orthotics from The Orthotic Works ten years ago, the correction was severe enough that the forms had to be ordered from your factory but so well worth the wait.        All of the other orthotics never really corrected my problems although anything was better than nothing.  I still had toes on top of each other.  There were large callouses 3/8” thick covering 3/8” thick fat pads over each metatarsal.  Your orthotics changed all of that, profoundly.  I mean REALLY changed the shape of my feet.        So I cannot consider going anywhere but to you and have encouraged anyone who will listen, including people I see on the street with posture and gait problems to see you.  I know of at least twelve people who have successfully seen either you or Ivan on my recommendation.        Please call or email me so that we may set up an appointment; I’d like to be walking again asap. Steve Scott,
From: Anderson, Joan Date: 25-Apr-17 2:26 PM Hi Michael I did miss you all at the Madison Midwest Horse Fair Your company saved  my feet and my well being Best Wishes to all Joan Anderson,
From: R, Joanne Date: 18-Apr-17 9:47 AM Michael, I am so sorry that I have taken this long to reply to you and thank you for sending my last pair of orthotic inserts. I did not find time to thank you until now. Not only do the orthotics help my foot and back pain, but you also had the best company service. I was very skeptical about purchasing them when I spoke to your representative at the Minnesota State Fair. My daughters convinced me I should try the orthotics and I am so happy they did! So again, thanks for your hard work and continued persistence in providing the proper fit for me! I am happily recommending your company to others. Joanne R.,
From: Lona Oltmann  Date: 17-Sep-16 8:25 AM Thank you! Don’t worry…I can't live without your inserts! I have referred many people with foot issues to you!,
From: Eng, Wayne Date: 26-Aug-16 3:41 PM Hi Stacie Thanks for your assistance. FYI, your orthotic works for me not like my past one from another firm that did not work. Kudos. Regards Wayne Eng,
From: Walker, Sharon Date: 26-Aug-16 11:24 PM Subject: orthotics Still usin’ mine!  They have been very useful.  Saw your booth today…you were busy. Ernie and Sharon Walker,
From: Innes, Tom Date: 7-July-16 2:59 PM Best money I’ve ever spent. I can now be on my feet all day apposed to 15 min. Thank you so much.,
From: Debbie Hi, I bought a pair of orthotic insoles yesterday from the Ideal Home and met Carolyn and Michael. I just wanted to thank them for the excellent customer service and also to let you know that my feet have felt so much more comfortable already and it hasn’t even been 24 hours! I slipped them into my slippers and took my first steps (usually the most painful) with the orthotics and I honestly had no pain compared to previous! Also, when barefoot I had no pain either! I have managed to keep the insoles in since this morning (am used to having insoles in and they are oh so comfy!) Anyway thank you….I am seriously considering ordering a ‘thin’ pair to go with my summer shoes so please keep me posted with any special offers! Many thanks! Debbie.,
From: James, Liz I bought two sets of orthotics at the Ideal Home Show in 2015. I almost walked past the stand but my eagle-eyed partner spotted you. I wasn’t sure but I though it had to be worth a go. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent. I’ve been virtually pain free from calcium spurs that were making my life a misery. I wish I’d found you years ago. Thanks to Michael, Carolyn and Claire for great customer care. Please feel free to use this on your website or in any other way you wish. With very best wishes Liz James,
From: A, Joan Date: 30-June-15 2:05 PM I am certainly grateful I visited you at your booth at the Midwest Horse Fair in April…… I was at my wits end with discomfort. A year ago this past March I broke my left foot torn tendons & ligaments and was in a cast for 5 ½ months….I will say my foot has never been right since and I’ve had to learn how to walk on it from the start. During the cast time I began to walk on the outside of my foot and the heel BIG MISTAKE. Your orthotics have given me new life….I decided to order a 2nd pair of both. I use caution with what I wear (learned the hard way some footwear does not work) The instructions that were sent with my first pair was fabulous.. I thank you and your company for helping me out. I hope all is well with you. Warm Regards Joan A.,
From: Senecal, John Dear Orthotic Works, Back in February at the Florida state fair I purchased a set of inserts for my feet to ease the pain of plantar fasciitis. I was anxiously awaiting for their arrival which came within a few weeks complete with instructions on how to ease into the new features to my shoes/sneakers. I quickly placed them into my work sneakers and followed the regimen that was recommended, post a few days of adapting to my new inserts I have to say that I began getting relief from the pain from plantar fasciitis. We are now at the end of July and I’ve used them religiously since I received them back in late February early March. What a relief to say the least that I am pain free at last. I used to buy flimsy inserts from specialty walking stores but those only supplied temporary relief from the pain and within a few months were useless, and they were $50. It’s important to note that my work has me walking over 10,000 steps a day sometimes as much as 20,000 plus the fact that I am 61 years old makes for a foot disaster waiting to happen, yet at the end of the day my feet may be tired but they are pain free. I thought that you may be interested in knowing how your product has helped me tremendously, I can walk again and not the pain from walking to worry about, I love these inserts, and a huge THANK YOU. Happily submitted, John Senecal,