Neck Strain

What causes neck strain?

One of the biggest causes for neck strain is Forward Head Posture (FHP). Forward Head Posture is a condition where the skull extends more than an inch over the vertebra of the neck. 

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The reason this may cause strain on your neck is because for every inch the skull extends over the vertebra, the weight of the head is increased by at least 10lbs. 

Causes for Forward Head Posture

  • Computer’s-neck
  • Driver’s-neck
  • Poor sleep
  • Reader’s-neck
  • Texting-neck
  • Weakness in neck muscles

Symptoms for Forward Head Posture

  • Headaches or migraines
  • Head tilted forward
  • Poor sleep
  • Rounded shoulders

How can orthotics help with neck strain?

The base for good posture begins with your feet as the foot and ankle are the foundation of your overall skeleton. Hyperpronated feet affect the pelvic alignment by shifting your posture forward. Eliminating hyperpronation will shift your weight evenly, therefore allowing you to stand and walk more straight and balanced.