Arch Pain

Why do I have pain in my arch?

  • Arch pain can occur because of how one stands or walks.
  • If your feet are not straight enough, this causes other muscles in the arch to work harder, therefore resulting in pain.
  • Commonly caused by not wearing shoes with proper support or walking/standing for a long duration.

Causes of Arch Pain

Pronation vs. Overpronation

  • Pronation refers to the normal movement of the ankle joint and allows the foot to act as a shock absorber.
  • Overpronation is when the weight, while walking or running, is incorrectly distributed from the heel to the forefoot therefore causing the foot to excessively roll inwards.


  • Supination (under-pronation) referes to the outward roll of the foot during abnormal motion.

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How can Orthotics help with…


  • Orthotics control and support the arches and assist the movement of the ankle joint.
  • The delicate balance of outer/inner longitudinal arches and metatarsal arch will correctly stabilize the foot in a neutral position.

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Overall pain in my arch

  • Orthotics reduce the stretching of the arch and can help spread and absorb shock which eases stress on the foot.