Custom Orthotics


When a client presents with foot ailments, a full biomechanical foot analysis is performed. In order to alleviate present symptomatology, maintain good foot bio-mechanical structure and prevent further and worsening of symptoms, both feet are casted in foam boxes. Using the cast impressions, a positive cast is made by pouring plaster of paris. A positive cast is modified according to the bio-mechanical measurements as well as the computerized gait analysis. Custom made orthotics are created in a vacuum pressure device by using heat mouldable materials. The appliance is attached to the foot via appropriate foot wear and is worn daily to align, correct and balance abnormal bio-mechanics during the gait cycle. Their use should lead to a significant improvement in symptoms.


We are very excited to let you know that the evolution of the orthotic industry continues through the advancements of new computer technology, MxXpress. MxXpress utilizes computerized foot analysis to take proper foot pressure measurements, and, through our newly developed MxXpress Software, we are able to take these precise measurements and fabricate a customized pair of MxXpress Foot Supports within minutes.