Your orthotics have given me new life…

From: A, Joan

Date: 30-June-15 2:05 PM

I am certainly grateful I visited you at your booth at the Midwest Horse Fair in April……

I was at my wits end with discomfort. A year ago this past March I broke my left foot torn tendons & ligaments and was in a cast for 5 ½ months….I will say my foot has never been right since and I’ve had to learn how to walk on it from the start. During the cast time I began to walk on the outside of my foot and the heel BIG MISTAKE.

Your orthotics have given me new life….I decided to order a 2nd pair of both.

I use caution with what I wear (learned the hard way some footwear does not work) The instructions that were sent with my first pair was fabulous..

I thank you and your company for helping me out.

I hope all is well with you.

Warm Regards

Joan A.