What a relief to say the least that I am pain free at last.

From: Senecal, John

Dear Orthotic Works,

Back in February at the Florida state fair I purchased a set of inserts for my feet to ease the pain of plantar fasciitis. I was anxiously awaiting for their arrival which came within a few weeks complete with instructions on how to ease into the new features to my shoes/sneakers. I quickly placed them into my work sneakers and followed the regimen that was recommended, post a few days of adapting to my new inserts I have to say that I began getting relief from the pain from plantar fasciitis. We are now at the end of July and I’ve used them religiously since I received them back in late February early March. What a relief to say the least that I am pain free at last. I used to buy flimsy inserts from specialty walking stores but those only supplied temporary relief from the pain and within a few months were useless, and they were $50.
It’s important to note that my work has me walking over 10,000 steps a day sometimes as much as 20,000 plus the fact that I am 61 years old makes for a foot disaster waiting to happen, yet at the end of the day my feet may be tired but they are pain free. I thought that you may be interested in knowing how your product has helped me tremendously, I can walk again and not the pain from walking to worry about, I love these inserts, and a huge THANK YOU.

Happily submitted,

John Senecal